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Saint Laurent were hardly innocent on that score themselves. They engaged Catherine Deneuve to shill for the company for decades. The American garden designer Madison Cox, Mr. Saint Laurent, is glimpsed only once and out of focus, at a CFDA awards ceremony in New York, detached from a squad of obsequious courtiers. After more than 30 years of intimate friendship, the muse Betty Catroux comes across as touching and pathetic, justifying to Mr.

Katoucha Niane, an adored model, is shown slipping easily into a dress she had first worn 10 years earlier. Her death at 47 was ruled accidental, a finding challenged by her family, who suspected murder. Generally, models knew Mr.

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Meyrou has been laying for him all along, and the jealousy and frustration of the puppet master is laid bare for all to see. Probably he does, though what this film most reveals is the price he and Mr. Saint Laurent paid along the way — which is exactly what both tried to hide. In the end, Mr. Criterion iii : The Jurisdiction of Saint Emilion is an outstanding example of an historic vineyard landscape that has survived intact and in activity to the present day.

Yves by Laurence Benaim

Criterion iv : The historic Jurisdiction of Saint Emilion illustrates in an exceptional way the intensive cultivation of grapes for wine production in a precisely defined area. The integrity of the landscape and the harmony offered by the ensemble of the site are due to the permanence of the vine culture, and the productive organization of the territory. The constructions or village ensembles do not correspond to a single architectural design, but are, as testifies the historic heart of Saint Emilion, the result of a long evolution over several centuries, from the 7th century and throughout the 19th and 21st centuries.

The communities have enjoyed the best part of the characteristics of the territory and develop their activities and life style, without destroying it. The culture of the land, the exploitation of the quarries, the urban establishments and development, and the construction of religious edifices and houses have all created a landscape in perfect harmony with the topography and resources of the place.

Although the Jurisdiction is today confronted with a decreasing population and the weakening of sub-soil due to the quarries, it remains a dynamic living territory, integrally conserving its wine growing tradition, looking to the future.

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Apart from individual protection measures for buildings in application of the Heritage Code, Historic Monuments , protection measures and town planning and enhancement documents ensuring the development of the territory have been established to preserve the site and to manage it in the continuity with its inscription on the World Heritage List: a voluntary heritage charter in , a territorial project in , a local urbanism plan for each of the eight communes in , six of which are within the boundaries of the property and two in the buffer zone, as well as a protection zone for intercommunal architectural, urban and landscape heritage in A Management Plan for the property was also prepared in In particular, it deals with diminishing populations due to housing problems and the lack of available land resources and specifies development conditions for the property to render it compatible with the preservation of its Outstanding Universal Value.

In cooperation with the services of the State, solutions are advocated to enable a better landscape integration of the recently constructed chais. These are sectors particularly characterised by their biological interest. Baku, Azerbaijan , 30 June — 10 July About us www. Help preserve sites now! Join the , Members. Search Advanced.

By Properties. Cultural Criteria: i ii iii iv v vi Natural Criteria: vii viii ix x.

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And a huge swath of that past belongs to arguably one of the greatest couturiers who ever lived, Yves Saint Laurent. One of the most legendary feuds in the history of fashion was between Saint Laurent and another larger-than-life icon, who still lives in the fashion capital today and designs for the legendary French fashion house of Chanel: Karl Lagerfeld.

The volatile relationship between Lagerfeld and Saint Laurent initially started out amicably, as they shared a similar trajectory. The two men were friends in the s as the rising stars of the fashion world. Saint Laurent — newly arrived from Oran, Algeria, where he spent his youth — won the first and third prizes for the dress category at only 18 years old.

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Lagerfeld, 21 years old at the time and from Hamburg, won the prize for the coat category. Their winning designs had been chosen from 6, anonymous sketches. There were more obvious similarities: "Both were the only, cherished sons of prosperous, middle-class families.

Their fathers were successful businessmen who provided for their families, aspiring wives and bourgeois lifestyles. Both boys were homosexual and aware of their sexual orientation from an early age. They loved to sketch and in particular they loved to sketch dresses. Drake's book, published in , famously explored the story of the rivalry between Lagerfeld and Saint Laurent.

The volatile relationship between Lagerfeld and Saint Laurent initially started out amicably. As the rising stars of the fashion world, the two men were friends in the s. The "shadow dandy," as he's called in the biography written by French journalist Marie Ottavi, "Jacques de Bascher, dandy de l'ombre," had a brief relationship with Yves Saint Laurent.

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De Basher's involvement with both men resulted in dramatic conflict between the two fashion designers, and ultimately, this blew up into one of fashion's biggest feuds of the '70s. He said I engineered their liaison to destabilize the house of Saint Laurent.

The former chief executive of YSL recently died, on September 8, at the age of It is the latest twist in a journey that began long ago, when we had no idea how destiny would smile on us. Indeed, Saint Laurent led a charmed life, gifted early on with the talent of design.

Biography of Yves Saint Laurent

For many years before his retirement, he shared a parallel stage and runway with Lagerfeld. These chapters of history are over, yet they stay relevant and fresh in the minds and imagination of their fans today. The German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has impeccable taste. Over the years, he has found inspiration in these five individuals - some more surprising than others. Glittering gowns, elegant suits and bold mini dresses worn by the late Princess Diana are on show at Kensington Palace, marking the 20th anniversary of her death.

The exhibition charts her evolving style. As New York Fashion Week kicks off, two luxury powerhouses are buckling down on unhealthy modeling practices. Their new charter requires medical certificates and lays out work restrictions for young adolescent models.