Working with Anger and Young People

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Breathing exercises can help take the intensity out of an argument. Take a deep breath, hold for a few seconds and then exhale.

Repeat five times. Remember that teens may not know how to handle their anger, and this can leave them frustrated and frightened.

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However, as with toddlers, if you give in to teenagers because their shouting and screaming intimidates or baffles you, you are in effect encouraging them to repeat the unreasonable behaviour as a way of getting what they want. Sometimes, teen aggression can turn into violence. If they lash out at you, or someone or something else, put safety first.

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  • After all, if you feel threatened or scared, then you have the right to protect yourself. Family Lives offer this advice for coping with, and helping, a violent teen:. If you are having trouble coping with your teenager, and you suspect you may have symptoms of depression or other mental health problems, discuss this with your GP. They can then suggest suitable treatment.



    You may, for example, be referred for counselling, or directed to support groups or other services in your area. The book guides readers through ways to recognise and deal with the underlying causes of anger at work, in relationships and in their personal life — and teaches them how to stay positive in spite of all the stresses and strains life throws their way…. This page booklet contains information and worksheets helping readers: Recognise whether they may be experiencing anger problems.

    Understand what anger is, what causes it and what keeps it going.

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    Find ways to understand, manage or overcome their anger. You may find this resource helpful if you are setting up a group to teach young people skills needed for aggression control. This booklet helps parents identify the stress and anger points in their life that may get in the way of good parenting, and encourage them to find ways of coping with these.