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Students' admission is at Union Films' box office rates. This has new, comfy, fully-raked seats, cinema-standard digital projection with surround sound. We show the films in the best format available, with their original soundtrack plus English subtitles, when appropriate. A handout containing credits and further details is provided and we ask everyone to score the film and comment on it afterwards. Films are shown on Wednesdays and start promptly at 8pm. We do not show trailers or advertisements.

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Food is available from the Union facilities - notably The Bridge bar and restaurant. Nibbles and drinks are available from Union Films snack counter. The Bars are often open afterwards so you can discuss the films' impact with fellow members. We look forward to you coming and enjoying what we believe to be the best contemporary films from around the world. And in the hopefully soon future, it will be reborn from those ashes when Mashiach gives us the knowledge and ability to rebuild it. My son also saw it on his way into the house after school.

It was magnificant and as large as a person.

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I had never seen anything like it. I went to my computer to research it. My area, Long Island, is not a normal nesting ground for these large birds, even though they do live in many areas around the country. But it also mentioned the Pheonix the heron family, though mythical that rises from the ashes, a greek and egyptian symbol.

I thought it was very symbolic that one year after my dad died, he was giving me a message that life goes on even after death and we too will rise like the pheonix from its ashes.

"THE PHOENIX" Pilot from 1981

Very very good message from beyond the grave. I will always remember that he is OK and happy. The chol is a bird that lives for a years, then dies and reincarnate from its ashes. So for spanish and portuguese jews it is a symbol of victory.

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  • Besides the word chol also means palmtree. The palmtree and the olivetree have one thing in common.

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    Just like wine is hidden in the grape, so is the oil from the olive and the palmtree hidden in its fruit. Thank You for sharing this Reply.

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    The Hebrew word for phoenix is Chol. It is the same bird. Another Midrash on this is that in Gan Eden is that Chuvah fed all of the animals. One small bird watched her doing all of this work and refused to eat.

    Chuvah blessed the tiny bird. This same tiny bird shows up again in the Teva, the ark. As Noah is feeding all of the animals this small bird is watching Noah work very hard.

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    Noah could speak to the animals and asks the bird why it does not eat. The bird replies that he is watching Noah work so hard and kindly and does not want to make his work any harder. Noah blesses the bird. So the bird is blessed by two very big people in the Torah. So what does it mean? One Midrash is that the tiny bird signifies that we do work on the Sabbath and the fire of the Torah is sustains the Jewish people, just as the Chol would disappear then come back in a roaring fire, so do the Jewish people on Shabbat and through out history.

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      Shabbat Times. Email Subscriptions. More Sites Today is Sun. Jewish Practice. The Rebbe turned to Chapter 29, verse 18, "I shall multiply my days like the Chol. Clearly then, a Jewish symbol. Lipchitz was absolutely delighted and the project was completed soon thereafter. By Yehuda Krinsky. Told by Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky shortly after the Rebbe's passing in