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See Words from The Masters about H. Blavatsky and Who are you, Madame Blavatsky? And both HPB and the Masters themselves always emphasised that the Masters are living in physical bodies right here on Earth, for this is where they are needed and they have certain important work to do on the physical plane, but they tend to dwell in purposeful seclusion and isolation from the impure and truly toxic psychic atmosphere and magnetism of the modern world. The names by which they are known are mystic names and not their actual birth names or family names. Leadbeater — altered and distorted the whole concept and known facts about the Masters and also invented a number of other Masters, usually with a distinctly Christian flavour to them.

The Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom, by Aart Jurriaanse

If one wants to find out anything reliable and trustworthy about the actual Masters, the only place to find it is in the writings of H. And anyone who looks there will soon find that she actually said very little about the Masters. For her, as for her most trusted friend, colleague, and co-founder of the Theosophical Movement William Q. Hence the emphasis in original and genuine Theosophy is always on the Teachings, the Philosophy, the Science, that the Masters have presented and made available to the world through the agency of HPB, and not on the Masters themselves, least of all on any personal details or information regarding them.

From an ordinary everyday perspective, this sounds reasonable enough and one might assume that a Theosophical website should have reliable photos and pictures of the Masters on it. There are a few pictures in existence, believed to be of the two Masters mentioned above, and which are considered by a photographic expert to be genuine photographs.

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It is dealt with in the article The Fake Photo. So they are known to exist and the accounts of the way some of them were produced have been published in a few books of a biographical and historical nature. This seer Madame Blavatsky has seen, she says, at various times in the flesh: in England once, in India on many occasions, and some years ago she went to seek him in the fastness of Tibet, a romantic pilgrimage by no means free from peril, during which she penetrated some of the Buddhist monasteries or Lamaseries, and had converse with the recluses there.

But let us consider this important fact: HPB herself never published any pictures of the Masters, never suggested or consented to the publication or general distribution of such pictures, even amongst members of the Theosophical Society, and never said or wrote anything to support the idea of everyone being able to know and find out what the Masters look like.

On the contrary, she told even A. Sinnett — the main recipient of the famous letters from the Master K. And it does not look at all like him, since he never wears now his white puggery , but simply sticks a yellow saucer on the top of his head like K.

All this is vexation of spirit and vanity and nothing else. You better ask the Chohan to favour you with his picture, and then see how amiable he looks every Sunday morning. Blavatsky to A. Sometime around late , some Theosophists in London had the idea of printing pictures of the Masters — presumably from photographs taken of known portraits of the Masters M. There is nothing to suggest that HPB knew of this or endorsed it. When some of the London Theosophists involved in the project sent four of the pictures to William Judge in New York, misguidedly presuming that he would want to sell them to some of the American Theosophists, he replied in writing:.

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The two large ones I have given a friend to keep and as I do not know the price I must leave it to you to inform me. The two small ones I have in hand as trustee and shall return them if you please as I shall not be a party to selling pictures of the Masters. I have given orders in the Path office not to order any photos of anyone and not to receive any, but to send them back, and to refer all persons direct to London. As to the photos of Masters I consider the whole thing a scandal. Uploaded by brainheart on September 11, This banner text can have markup.

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