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Starting with your newly discovered answer look at the row, column and square associated with your find. If you have taken notes in any of these boxes erase that number you found as a possible option from the notes of any of these boxes. If you discover other answers to the puzzle along the way continue searching the rows, columns and squares of each number you find in the puzzle. Often fining one answer leads to discovering several others.

The most basic strategy in solving a Sudoku puzzles is to continue repeating the above steps until the puzzle is solved.

What can I do to make solving these sudoku easier? First, look over the entire puzzle if any row, column or square has all but one number already given then the answer must be the missing number in the sequence. You should do this in the beginning when starting the puzzle and continue to look for these eight out of nine sequences while solving the puzzle.

The Math Behind Sudoku: Introduction to Sudoku

A second technique to make things easier is to select you starting points well. When you begin to take notes you can start at any point in the puzzle.

Sudoku Primer 130 - 4x4 sudoku for kids - sudoku variant

However, since taking notes may become the most daunting park of solving the puzzle you may want to minimize how much notes you have to take. One tip to do this is to always look at the longest chains of known numbers first. For example if a row has 6 out of 9 numbers already given then there can only be 3 possible answers in that row. Compare the possible answers in row with the known numbers in the associated columns and squares to further reduce the number of possibilities.

Introduction to Sudoku

By doing this you increase the chance of finding the answer or reducing the possibilities to no more than two answers. One final tip I have for beginners is to continuously audit yourself as you go. The earlier in the puzzle solving process you make a mistake the harder it becomes to correct it.

A quick way to audit yourself is to look at each row column and square as you solve them. One mistake will result in a chain of mistakes as you progress through the puzzle. To work through the puzzle systematically and have a sense as to my progress I find it helpful to break the puzzle down into three phases. These are the numbers you can find with very little effort.

These include sequences that have only 1 or 2 missing numbers or those answers that just pop out at you. You need to start using logical deduction to eliminate possibilities and figure out the right answers. Typically finding the correct answers becomes increasingly more difficult as you progress through the puzzle.

At some point you will be over the hump and the remaining answer will be self-fulfilling. Each time you find an answer it will eliminate 1 of 2 possibilities in another box therefore revealing the next answer. This will continue allowing you to quickly complete the puzzle.

Sudoku Printables

As you gain proficiency in the game you will progress through the puzzle fairly quickly only slowing down around the top of the hump. Are all the puzzles this easy? Each puzzle will already have numbers filled in depending on the difficulty level. The more numbers already filled in, the easier most likely. Sudoku puzzles are often divided into categories such as very easy, easy, medium, hard and very hard. Some publishers use the star system; 1 star stands for very easy and 5 stars for very hard.


There's a lot of discussion going on online about one very important strategy of the game! Don't ever, we really mean ever ever guess! If you start guessing you will end up with doubles in your rows, columns and boxes. Think logically what is possible and especially what is not possible!

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