Sisters of the Sari

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These saris are collected by other sisters who wash, sort, inspect and then recut, sew and iron into new infinity scarves to be worn by our North American "sisters" who appreciate the richly colored fabrics and soft texture. We are proud to create this beautiful sisterhood of support through our fair trade business.

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Join us. Wrap yourself in these beautiful scarves and help us empower the women of Nepal through business. Their beauty and our mission is empowering!

Humsaye Maa Jaye by Bushra Ansari and Asma Abbas - Official Video

Although we can not guarantee the exact fibre content of our scarves given they are recycled textiles, we can guarantee that the fabrics are soft and fall nicely. Many are silk.

Recycled Sari Double Loop Scarf – Didi Bahini

Paper Instrument. Additional Links Fair Trade Memberships. Together they will build a homeless shelter for poor working Indian women….

The story was adapted for the big screen a few years later. Baker , just dethroned it. Because Kiria, one of the main characters, is someone they can look up to. She is inspiring as a successful and ambitious woman.

She is an entrepreneur, a CEO. Kiria has you laugh hysterically , cry inconspicuously , and wish the book would never end. She is a former slave, is uneducated, and barely speaks English.

There you have it : major cultural differences, language barrier, opposite spectra when it comes to social status; yet these two women will bond in the most unexpected and inspiring way, defying all odds, proving that really, friendship knows NO borders, and making you believe the impossible can happen, to the point of challenging one to feel hopeful about a gleam future. Take it from someone who knows.

Women’s Fiction Review: SISTERS OF THE SARI, by Brenda L. Baker

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