Sarah and the Other Woman: A Private Eye Patterson Mystery

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Patrick Coleman combines evangelical malpractice, noirish cynicism, and seedy southern California underworlds in this debut literary noir. When Mark Haines, a former youth pastor who has succumbed to a more hedonistic life, meets a young drifter who seems inauspiciously connected to a failed robbery, he suddenly finds himself captivated by the young woman, following her trail into the depths of California drug trade and straight into the Evangelical megachurch of his past.

With a palpable nod to Raymond Chandler, this forceful mystery is an exploration of religion, responsibility, and the inverted forces at play in the modern world. When residents begin receiving anonymous letters regarding the break-ins, and a neighborhood woman is murdered, citizens find themselves tempted to take matters into their own hands, regardless of consequence.

This promises to be another fast-paced, witty installment of one of the best new series around. An empathetic and devastating portrait of women equally defined by their passions and their politics. Daniel Silva, creator of the Gabriel Allon series, needs no introduction, and frankly his readers need no reminder that July means the release of the latest Allon thriller. In the new novel, a mysterious young woman at a Swiss boarding school is kidnapped from under the nose of her large security team, and Allon is called in to help avert yet another international crisis.

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From one of the biggest voices in Scandi-Noir comes a new tale of doubles and obsession. This should be a perfect psychological noir, with love and obsession at the center of this complex, tragic story. Nat is a struggling art student in New York City who can barely squeak by on her waitressing money. But as she discovers more about Gabe, her situation becomes precarious and even dangerous.

Maureen Callahan, American Predator Viking. This one should please longtime fans of Preston and Child, as well as new devotees drawn in by that ever-appealing set up of a past crime coming back to haunt the present. In his third, Delaney takes us into the mind of a woman slowly recovering awareness after a near-fatal accident, who must rely on her husband to help her, even as she begins to doubt the veracity of his account when it comes to how she was injured in the first place.

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One has everything, and the other wants everything—and will do anything to get what the other has. Her upcoming mystery is no exception. This time, she takes us into a gothic tale in which a nanny takes up a new position with a seemingly perfect family in a seemingly-perfect manor house, only to see her situation go horribly awry. Inspired by an era that brought us horrific experimentation in the name of progress, Alix Nathan has written a delicious historical thriller set in the remote Welsh Marches and featuring a mad scientist determined to explore the effects of long-term isolation, and his half-literate, and semi-willing, subject of study, who has agreed to be imprisoned for seven years with no human contact.

Monroe gives each story ample time and insight, but their cumulative effect is a bigger piece of commentary on modern culture and its particular fascinations with crime.

Monroe is a gifted storyteller with a nose for the provocative and poignant. For anyone who finds themselves more and more drawn into the world of crime and wants to think about what characteristics may be at play here, this is the book to read. Meanwhile, an year-old dreams of leaving Kansas and escaping the crimes of her family. This atmospheric thriller finds the two women grappling with the weight of family history, loyalty, and justice, and is sure to grip anyone looking for a finely drawn, character-driven mystery that delves into the realities of rural America.

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Fresh off the heels of finishing his Ash McKenna series, Hart is expanding his oeuvre and our minds with his new standalone, a corporate espionage thriller set in the near-future, but with strong overtones of the present. The appearance of a Cuban gangster disrupts the calm, as Pete is charged with investigating the murder of a jazz musician, the disappearance of a woman, and, ultimately, his own past. From the impossible-to-predict Lisa Lutz, who, after years of writing her Spellman Files series, reinvented her crime fiction career with the standalone The Passenger, comes a new tale of creative writing and dark happenings.

Fossum has earned her place atop the world of Scandi-Noir and is back Stateside with a dark new novel in the Inspector Sejer series. Sejer is called to investigate threats against a woman living in near reclusive circumstances, alone and locked into her everyday routine, which has recently been disrupted by a series of cryptic notes. Box is back with a Rocky Mountain mystery, this one starring former police chief Cassie Dewell, who was previously featured in a series known as The Highway Quartet. Murrow awards, plus a host of other accolades, which is one way of say that this journalist-turned-crime writer really knows her stuff.

In her latest, Ryan gets personal, and pens a twisty, spellbinding tale of secrets, lies, and legal maneuvers, set in Boston, where Ryan lives with her criminal defense attorney husband. In the second standalone from Haylen Beck, the pseudonym of Irish crime writer Stuart Neville, two women engage in a drawn-out and increasingly vicious battle over the child each claims to be her own.

This page tome is the perfect reminder that Italy in the s was…well, extra.

This Tender Land is a moving portrait of a time and place receding from the collective memory, but leaving its mark on the heart of what the nation has become. No time for him to recuperate, though, as a would-be suicide in shepherd country draws his attentions and a new Basque crime family rears up.

Expect complex, passionately rendered noir. Advertisers: Contact Us. Article continues after advertisement. Golakai J. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 30, Matt rated it liked it Shelves: bookshots. Call it 3. The advantage to a BookShots binge is that you can get through a variety of stories in short order, picking and choosing the genre or characters without needing to commit for too long. Armed with his partner and potentially a romantic interest , K.

Burke, Moncrief is baffled when they are called to investigate the death of a New York socialite while she is out shopping. There is no clear motive or cause of death, though the fact that this is the third death of a wealthy woman in short order has the top brass of the NYPD breathing down their necks. Without a concrete lead, Moncrief and Burke accept an invitation to attend the Kentucky Derby, where they watch the favoured horse come out well ahead of the competition.

However, a threatening letter and murdered horse in the stables leaves the owners less than calm and Moncrief is prepared to take the lead on the investigation.


With the next major race to be held in Baltimore, Moncrief can still keep an eye on things while returning to New York. Following up on some potential leads, Moncrief and Burke interview the hired help of the three victims, only to learn that these women appear to have nothing in their backgrounds that could cause any issues, but their marriages are anything but iron-clad. Meanwhile, the Preakness is run and the horse storms out ahead again, leaving only one more race to complete the Triple Crown, an illustrious honour rarely seen in horse racing.

With bookmakers tossing massive odds against a clear sweep and the pressure mounting, Moncrief and Burke had better find their killer in the Big Apple, allowing them the chance to watch horse-racing history and watch their favourite equine take a bite out of the competition. An interesting story by this well-established writing duo that will likely leave fans of this series wanting more, though I am not entirely sure if I would mourn the loss of Luc Moncrief and his stuffy-shirt antics.

While I find that James Patterson can be a little hard to stomach, some of the recent BookShots that I have read show potential. The story is fairly interesting, though Moncrief finds a way to make it seem a little sillier than first presented. Exploring what might be one of the real issues of the glamorous women of the world, the authors take the reader down a few rabbit holes before presenting a plausible and scandalous explanation for the list of victims.

Interesting and surely one of the more productive BookShot duos, there is surely much to be said for a full-length novel option involving these two New York detectives. Kudos, Messrs. Patterson and DiLallo for keeping things interesting throughout. I can only hope that your partnership allows for more collaboration in the near future. View 2 comments. French Twist I look forward to every new book in this series.

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Sometimes the outcome is predictable but the story is always entertaining. With all the books that James Patterson is writing these days it is always great to have a good series to look forward to reading. I hope there are going to be more in this series. Feb 18, Amber Garabrandt rated it liked it. Gorgeous women are dropping dead at all the best spots in town. Seemingly healthy, rich women just dying where they stand.

Luc and K. Things aren't always as they seem though. Across the county, Luc's friends are having the time of their lives racing their horse, Gaston in the Kentucky Derby. When Gaston wins the couple receive roses- not uncommon, but the note is. Win the next race or else.

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  • Or else what? The death of another racing horse answers the question.

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    As one race and then another come closer, Luc and K. Personally, I liked the second story The Christmas Mystery better, because it allowed Luc to be more vulnerable and it showed his relationship growing with K. There is definite chemistry there, though I don't think either one will ever admit it, nor is Luc anywhere near ready for a new interest.