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His space specific projects have been for 15 space shuttle missions, the International Space Station and the Delta Rocket.

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He is now co-owner with Donna Scott in the Hampton Scott Group, an engineering company specializing in satellite design work. It was the height of the Cold War when President Kennedy proclaimed in that by the end of the decade Americans would go to the Moon. The July issue of Esquire magazine showed little faith in the words the astronauts would utter upon landing on the Moon. The technical challenges the space suit would have to meet were many.

However, it also had to be flexible enough to give them the freedom to move about, bend, twist, to climb and move their arms and hands. Their gloves had to allow them the nimbleness to get things done. Every stitch of every inch of spacesuit seam in every layer was counted to ensure quality and safety.

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But that was just one problem to be solved. At the start of the program, there were no computers small and fast enough anywhere in the world that were needed to accompany them into space. A small computer was equivalent in size to 3 or 4 refrigerators lined up together.

MIT was hired to design and write the programs that would take Apollo to the Moon. They pioneered the technology of integrated circuits.

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The Apollo space flight computer was the first to use computer chips. A computer not much bigger than a briefcase, became the fastest, smallest, most nimble computer on earth. And, so, once again craftswomen were brought in to solve the technical problem. However, this time it was weavers from textile mills factories who were brought in to weave every circuit by hand. It took two dozen women eight weeks, using long needles with wire to weave together the wires. Each one had to be hand sewn and folded for the mission. In the U. At the time, there were only three individuals, two men and one woman, who had certifications.

We love space. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson are working on making affordable space travel available to ordinary people. Bezos is set on sending "space tourists" into sub-orbital flight. Like Blue Origin, Musk plans to one day send people into space on commercial flights. Cultures have expressed our desire to touch the Moon and Stars for years. Adults repeat beloved childhood stories and rhymes to their own children e. But I have to look no further than my own engineer-husband, Terry Hampton, to know this..

His favorite projects? Hands-down engineering design on 15 space shuttle missions as well as work on the International Space Station. He worked with Russian engineers to create a docking mechanism that would allow the space shuttle to dock with the non-standard hatch size of the Russian space station MIR. More important than docking was incorporating a design that allowed the shuttle to very quickly disengage from the MIR in case of fire. Neil Armstrong understood the power of language.

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Neil Armstrong understood the power of simple language and gave that gift to all of us. Merriam-Webster est descriptif, pas prescriptif. A plank , a panel , a platform , a slab? Dans le dernier chapitre, Kory Stamper annonce de nouveaux licenciements. Son livre passionnera les mordus des dictionnaires.

Anglais de pacotille. Veni, vidi, vici : les dictionnaires visuels. Cent un ans de gestation pour un dictionnaire. Critique de livre lexicographique. Et bien, M. Drum, permettez-moi de nuancer. Les entendants, les malentendants et les sourds. Mais une langue fait bien plus que communiquer. Plus que des mots. Mais chaque fois, il y a une raison. Aler ou envoier m'estuet Proier, puis 9 qu'autre estre ne puet, Qu'ele ait de moi merci en fin 10 , Et que, por Dieu, ainz que je fin, Et que, par sa grant gentillece,.

Qu'ele me gart et vie et sens. Elle i avroit un mains des suens S'est bien droiz que de son euer isse. Mes je cuit 14 qu'il me venist 15 miex. Ne nus n'iroit si volentiers. Aprent l'omme et la grant soufrete. Puis que g'i ai reson atrete,.

Il n'i a se de l'aler non Ja, devant qu'il ait non amis,. N'en quiert eschaper por tristrece Gentelises, pitiez, larguece Soi tiers de compaignons sanz plus.

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Il dist qu'il chevauche a grant rage,. Celant son pensser souz sa joie 2 5 ,. Tant qu'il vindrent a la monjoie. Du chastel ou cele manoit. Fet li sires quis i menait 26 :. Il nel disoit pas tant por rien. Qui montast aus fossez n'aus murs,. La dame 29 qu'il aloit 30 veoir. Les autres manuscrits s'accordent comme il suit :. Quel en fut le premier, inventeur? Biblia sacra juxta latinam vidgatam versionem ad codicum fidem, jussu PU PP. XI, cura et studio monachorum s.