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Let's face it. Even if you have a career as a highly successful strip-tease artist circa , it is a little daunting to be told, by your own mother:. Well, to make a long story a little bit shorter anyway, Mother finally decided to do the job herself. Which did confuse the local police, who were already confused by all the the assorted theatrical folks traveling in the small honeymoon trailer built for two.

There were the bride and groom, of course, but there were also a couple of burlesque comedians. And a couple more strippers. Assorted dogs, a monkey, some guinea pigs.

Happy to be a femme fatale

Welcome to the rather bizarre world of " Mother Finds a Body ," a mystery written by one of the reigning queens of the old burlesque strip shows, Gypsy Rose Lee. If you remember classic Broadway musicals, you may remember "Gypsy," a musical based on Gypsy Rose Lee's memoirs, a play that was very much about Gypsy's mother.

Lee also wrote two mysteries, both combinations of screwball comedy and bizarre crime fiction. It's also the subject of this week's audio review on the Classic Mysteries podcast.

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You can listen to the entire review by clicking here. The titular body, apparently, belongs to the best man from Gypsy's wedding, which took place recently with a ship's captain officiating - there's some speculation about the validity of the marriage, but everybody seems inclined to think that it did take place. Nobody really knew much of anything about the dead man, despite his having been pressed into service for the wedding.

As I said earlier, the police don't seem to mind all that much - although they are a little disturbed by the discovery of a SECOND body in the woods.

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That's about all I can say without spoilers about the complicated plot, except to promise that there is much to laugh about - and more than a few horrifying scenes as well. Hey, if all those people can get along in a honeymoon trailer built for two, there's no reason why you can't travel with them for a while.

The ride may be a little bumpy, but it can be a lot of fun, and it's never dull. If you prefer, there's also an edition for the Amazon Kindle. Tags: classic mysteries, funny mysteries, gypsy rose lee, mysteries, mystery.

The G-String Murders (Femmes Fatales) (Paperback) | Centuries & Sleuths Bookstore

You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. This one certainly sounds quirky!! It does sound fun, too. Thanks for sharing it. Margot, her first mystery was called "The G-String Murders. Her style is very similar to Craig Rice - there were rumors that Rice had actually helped write the first book, but both Rice and Lee denied it, as far as I know. Classic Mysteries.

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Saint Tropez - Femmes Fatales

Of particular interest is what they call "Lost Classics," a series of anthologies of mostly uncollected stories by authors who might be enjoyed by a new generation of readers. Dean Street Press This small British publisher has a great many classic crime books in its much broader catalog.

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  8. They are bringing back many Golden Age classics by authors who deserve another chance at a new audience. They have just overhauled their website to make it much more informative and user-friendly. As this tough cop probes the mystery of Laura's death, he becomes obsessed with her strange power. Soon he realizes he's been seduced by a dead woman--or has he?

    Laura won lasting renown as an Academy Award-nominated film, the greatest noir romance of all time. Vera Caspary's equally haunting novel is remarkable for its stylish, hardboiled writing, its electrifying plot twists, and its darkly complex characters--including a woman who stands as the ultimate femme fatale. Femmes Fatales restores to print the best of women's writing in the classic pulp genres of the midth century.

    From mystery to hard-boiled noir to taboo lesbian romance, these rediscovered queens of pulp offer subversive perspectives on a turbulent era.