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But in just a few weeks, Oakland will no longer be able to call the Warriors its own. The Warriors leave behind Oracle Arena, their home for the past 47 years, and a stalwart fanbase all too familiar with being left behind in an ever-changing world.

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After all, they loved the Warriors when no one gave them a second glance. Now, at the height of their success, they move across the bay to El Dorado. But this is also a city that loves deeply and, at times, unreasonably. And Oakland will cheer for its home team. The feet of millions of Golden State Warriors fans have paraded through the Coliseum Bart station over the years, but come next year, no longer.

Construction has left the spartan interior half-gutted and chaotic, dust swirling around the large Steph Curry ads splashed on the walls.

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In the hours before tipoff for game 1 of the finals, the workers shoveling dirt near the fare gates accounted for the majority of the activity. Byron Glover sat a level above the noise on the platform, a bright Golden State cap propped upon his head and a pragmatic outlook for the team he has followed almost his entire life. An extravagant championship ring flashed in the place of where a wedding band would typically be situated.

The middle class, we still have to work for the same money, pay our bills, and all that. On game days, Tony Scott represents, sporting a bright yellow Warriors shirt under his Marriott bellhop uniform. Scott laughed. Around 7.

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For an example that might resonate with Breaking Bad viewers, think about how the intensity of your emotions built up when you watched the events unfold during the great train heist in Season 5. In other words, enduring some emotional turmoil during viewing can actually heighten the rewards of a happy ending. According to Zillmann, our feelings toward the characters are also an important ingredient to the enjoyment of suspense.

This theory also works nicely to explain why people enjoy it when their sports teams defeat notorious rivals. Excitation transfer and affective disposition theories do work well for explaining why people enjoy crime procedurals like CSI , or Law and Order , but they do not apply as well to the surge of television shows with morally ambiguous characters and tragic or cliff-hanging endings.

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  • Dennis Bergkamp admits it 'hurts sometimes' to watch Arsenal | Metro News.

Breaking Bad , The Wire , House of Cards , Lost , Sopranos , and Dexter , are part of a long list of shows that lead us to root for antihero protagonists who have done morally reprehensible things. And rarely do their episode endings reassure us, or leave us on a happy note.

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So again, media psychologists are back to square one: Why do so many people subject themselves to shows that burn them out emotionally? Studies have uncovered a few viable possibilities. Some communication scholars have found evidence that downward social comparison is a motive to watch emotionally draining programming.

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Other media research suggests that we seek out hard-to-watch shows because it makes us feel more competent and in control during emotionally difficult situations. On that note, our meta-emotional experiences, or the feelings we have about our feelings while watching, could explain why we are willing to spend our Sunday nights watching the main character on Breaking Bad , destroy his family and countless other lives during his metamorphosis from a likable high school chemistry teacher into a depraved meth kingpin.

Watching the gritty drama makes us feel sad, anxious, or aghast, but in reflecting on our emotional reactions which often seem appropriate we may conclude that we are very in-touch, sympathetic, and humane. This feels good.

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This can even make the experience of watching a fictional portrayal of terrible events somewhat enjoyable. These are all hedonic, or pleasurable, rewards of watching TV. But the work of Mary Beth Oliver , a professor of media studies at Pennsylvania State University, has shown us that entertainment can offer more than enjoyment. In step with the positive psychology movement , Oliver and her colleagues have identified many eudaimonic rewards of watching depressing, stressful, or even horrific television.

Eudaimonia is an experience that meaningfulness, insight, and emotions that put us in touch with our own humanity. Eudaimonia might not make us happy, but it can enrich us, leave us feeling fulfilled, touched, and perhaps even teach us something about ourselves.

Masochistically, we will watch it, knowing we will probably feel even more distressed for the characters by the time the credits roll.