Christianity Without Insanity: For Optimal Mental/Emotional/Physical Health

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DOMINIC LAWSON: Why chess can help new dads change a nappy

Dr Jonathan Rowson pictured attempts to use the 1,year-old game of 64 squares as a metaphor for life, love, death in his new book. What I didn't know was that insanity had gripped his family in its terrifying tentacles when he was a child.

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Or, as he puts it: 'Building my life around chess as a bewildered ten-year-old gave me a way to postpone confronting the reality that my father had something called schizophrenia and that my family had gradually fallen apart. It got worse: at the funeral of his grandfather, with whom he had been living, he sees his brother Mark is also becoming completely detached from reality: 'At some point, Mark, my former chess idol among other things, was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

There is a desperate scene in which he attempts to help his brother escape from the psychiatric ward, but they are immediately apprehended by the police. Amid this trauma, writes Rowson: 'Chess was always there in the way a listening friend is always there. I couldn't discuss my emotions with the game, but I could channel them without harming anyone or being harmed. I feel lucky to have escaped mental illness, to have lived a full life. He came to realise he did not have what it took to get to the top and, in any case, he had another passion, for philosophy he has degrees from Oxford, Bristol and Harvard, going on to run the Social Brain Centre at the Royal Society of Arts.

He also found love. Marriage and more particularly children got in the way of the monk-like dedication, which, he feels, is required if a grandmaster is not to fall further and further behind more single-minded competitors. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Purcell, Ph. This book, per the subtitle, is based on the truth of holistic health inherent in psychopathology which Dr. Purcell has taught at a university graduate college. Simply because the motives which prompted the reformation were too frequently natural, and not spiritual; therefore temporary and not eternal.

Man's evils may be restrained from going forth into act, by counteracting evil affections. The miser is often restrained, by the love of money, from an indulgence which will require the sacrifice of his treasure, but a change of circumstances,. Love of approbation, often restrains men from gratifying in external act, their evil desires; but a change of location or of society, may remove this restraint. How many men have lived virtuous and temperate lives, in external act, among their old neighbors and friends, but after being lured, by the love of gold, to the shores of the Pacific, have become vicious and dissipated.

Fear of the loss of health, may restrain men while symptoms of disease are present, but a return of health removes this restraint, at least for a season; or the man counts the cost between the unlawful gratification, and the suffering from the disease which results, and chooses the gratification. A fear of death, it would seem, should restrain men, if any selfish consideration can deter them permanently, from evil actions. But how often has the author heard, even young persons, declare that they would rather live ten years in the gratification of their perverted appetites, than to restrain their appetites, and live as we should live, fifteen years.

In all these selfish and natural motives for reform, there is no spiritual life; man is his own center, and the gratification of his selfish desires, his chief delight; and his evils can never be permanently removed until he comes to act from higher motives. We are born naturally into the love of self and the world, but the Lord declares that we must be born again, or we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Lord must become the center, and we must acknowledge him as such; and we must open our hearts to the reception of His love, and our understandings to the perception of the Divine precepts of His Word, and permit the new life to flow forth into our external acts. Love to the Lord and to our neighbor, must take the place of love of self and the world; then the motives which prompt our acts will be spiritual and eternal. If we eat and drink it will not be simply to gratify our appetite, or taste, and the inquiry will be, not what will taste the best, and give the most present gratificatioll, but what aritcles of food, and quantity of them, will be the most conducive to health; for in order that we may keep the Lord's commands, and overcome our evils, and do good to others, a healthy body is very important.

So in regard to our clothing,. So in regard to the acquisition of wealth; it is right and proper to labor to feed and clothe ourselves and families comfortably, and to make reasonable provision for old age and sickness, and also to acquire it to be able to perform more efficiently, acts of usefulness to others, but never for the sake of being called rich, or for the sake of unnecessary sensual gratifications.

If we would direct our steps to a world of peace and joy, whether we eat or drink, or whatever we do, we must do all to the honor and glory of God; and we honor Him when we keep His commands; when we shun our own evil acts, thoughts and desires, as sins against Him, and engage in a life of active usefulness, at the same time humbly acknowledging that all goodness and truth are from the Lord; that it is He who worketh in us, to will and to do of His own good pleasure.

Then will the appetites and passions of the natural man be under subjection to the spiritual man. Love of the Lord, and a desire to live in obedience to His commands, and love of the neighbor, and a desire to do good to all, will become the ruling loves, to which all the sensual and natural appetites must bow and be brought under subjection. Use then, will be the great end in all sensual and worldly gratifications, and pursuits, and man's reformation will be prompted by heavenly affections, having in view, not the vain baubles and selfish pleasures of earth, but the life which is to come, a heaven of truth and love above the fleeting things of earth.

How far above is such a life to the life of self-love, which seeks instead of the welfare and prosperity of our neighbors, to rule over them, to outshine them in wealth, apparel and gaudy display; and which is jealous and envious when others excel, or which seeks its chief delight in the gratification of the sensual appetites, without regard to use; and even indulges knowingly in the use of substances which are known to be injurious to the health, and destructive to the moral nature, or which will, without hesitation,.

XXI to gratify vanity, follow fashions which are known to be injurious to the health, and even destructive to life.

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When self-love, and love of the world, are the ruling loves, we shall look in vain for any genuine reformation of the passions and appetites, for self-gratification i the chief object desired, and it is the same with the various passions, and appetites of the individual man, as it is with a society of such men, they can only be restrained by each other, but not radically reformed. In order for a genuine and permanent reformation, man must be regenerated, or born again.

The old man, or self-love, with his deeds, must be put off, and the new man, or love to the Lord and neighbor, put on.

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  4. The great object of our lives will then be, to do right, to do good, and to live right, taking no thought so far as the sensual or selfish gratification is concerned, as to what we shall eat or drink, or wherewithal we shall be clothed, knowing full well that our Heavenly Father permits the highest delight to flow from living in true order, or in accordance with His laws. It is right and proper that we desire and strive so to conduct ourselves as to win the approbation of all good men; of all whose good opinion can be gained by doing right; but the motive which should prompt us in our efforts, should not be our own gratifica.

    But when we seek to obtain the applause of others by doing wrong, or by following fashions which are injurious and destructive to health or life, especially when we do this knowingly, therefore in violation of conscience, we destroy both soul and body in the fire of worldly love. Against fashions and habits, which are harmless, the author proposes to wage no war, although, in regard to the former, he feels free to say, that if we would consult the wisdom which is displayed in all the works of our Creator, variety would take the place of slavish uniformity.

    WE may denominate the harmonious action of all the organs, faculties and functions, of both body and mind, or spirit, as a state of health; and any change of structure, or variation of function, as a state of either disease or deformity. Disease is an effect of a preceding or co-existing cause, which may still be operative, and require to be removed before any permanent cure can be effected.

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    Before we can either remove or avoid the causes of diseases we must understand them. But before we are prepared correctly to understand our subject it is necessary for us to have some knowledge of man who is the subject of disease; and as we are about to consider, in this chapter, the origin of diseases from the perverted passions and faculties of the human spirit, it is necessary for us to have a distinct idea as to man's spiritual nature. Believing, with St. Paul, that " There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body," I have an abundance of evidence to satisfy me, that the latter is far more real and substantial than the.

    If we would seek causes we must seek them in the world of causes; matter in itself is dead. Go with me gentle reader, to yonder forest; the trees which were once living and towered in all their majesty toward the heavens, now lie prostrated by the woodman's ax, and lifeless; no more shall they be clad in living green, their glory has departed. Go with me to yonder dark shaft, from which the laborious mniner raises from the bowels of the earth the copper and iron ore, and you will behold the materials from which the steam engine, and cars, are built-an almost shapeless stick of wood in one case, and a mass of minerals in the other.

    Tell me if they are the cause of the beautifil steam engine which you see' flying over the iron rail at the rate of thirty, or forty miles an hour?

    PDF Christianity Without Insanity: For Optimal Mental/Emotional/Physical Health

    Or are they simply the materials from which it is formed? Go and examine the anatomy of the engine, study its physiology, or the functions of the various parts; behold the evidence of design in every part and piece, and then tell me if you find the cause of its existence in it, or that it was the cause of itself; or, again, that it is a part of its own cause. No I you exclaim, the cause is not in it; it is not the cause of itself, and it constitutes no integral part of the cause. Then, if the cause which has produced the engine is neither the matter of which the engine is built, nor included in it, where shall we seek its cause?

    Shall we seek it in matter, or in the material world? No; for matter, it is evident, in itself is dead: we will seek the cause in the mind of the architect who has fashioned it; for it is but a manifestation of his thoughts, and the thought existed before the external form.

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    We have now traced the cause of the engine to the thoughts of the builder, but are we sure that we have reached the real cause? Let us see: what is the cause of the thoughts which have given life to this beautiful machine? Are they their own cause, or are they but an effect of a certain affection, or love, which desires the accomplishment of a certain end or object; which may perchance be to save labor, horse-flesh, time, or, to make money? Then we see that even the thought is but an instrumental cause in the formation of the engine; the real cause.

    Love is the very life of man, and we read that even " God is love," and His wisdom is but a manifestation of His love, as our thoughts are but a manifestation of our love, or loves. Then all the works of man which we behold are but manifestations of his affections, through the instrumentality of his understanding. Let us turn from the comparatively dead works of man, which are but surface works, to the nobler works of God, which are infilled with life to every fibre.

    Let us read the thoughts of the great Architect in all the works of Creation which we behold around us; in the substantial earth upon which we stand, the blade, the leaf, and full grown plant and tree, of the vegetable kingdom; in the worm that crawls at our feet, the insect that flies at our approach, the animals which acknowledge the supremacy of man; in the fowls of the air, and the fishes of the sea.