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Allegations flew that some farmers were illegally diverting the creek to water their crops. By August, the creek had gone dry. In , Steve Chainey was working as an electrician at a mile-long Westinghouse factory in Pittsburgh. Then came a day when he looked up and down the Monongahela River, and he saw nothing but industry.

He missed the towering Sierras and the high deserts of California, where he grew up. He packed up and moved home. In the evenings and on weekends, he would pedal or drive out to the remote reaches of Yolo County. He felt compelled to.

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At meetings with the local Audubon society, he fell into an easy friendship with Sanders, a petite brunette with an encyclopedic knowledge of birds and mammals. The Putah Creek Council started as a society subcommittee, part of a national effort to protect riparian bird habitats.

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Sanders and Chainey recruited friends and family to staff the Council. Fifty people showed up to the first meeting, a hundred to the second. Because Putah Creek is easy to forget, living in Davis. The nearest public access at the UC Davis reserve is a good minute bike ride from the cheery Christmas lights, eateries and warmth of downtown. Before the Council, the lower half of Putah Creek had existed for a century as barely an afterthought.

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By the late s, most of the native people, known as the River Patwin, had been driven out by ranchers and pioneers who sailed in from the west and rolled in from the east, lured by gold, land and freedom. Originally, Putah Creek ran through the center of Davisville, but winter flooding exhausted farmers. Homesteaders took their donkeys south of the town and dragged plows through the ground to dredge the South Fork, diverting the river past the town. Records show the levees failed multiple times, carrying off houses in both Davisville and Winters, but eventually the river settled into its new channel.

This was the first of many adjustments made to the creek. The rerouting straightened its course, causing it to run faster and cut 10 or 20 feet deeper into the soft dirt. We hit something hard, making me clench my teeth, instantly killing the torrent of curses my brain conjured up. The back of the rover goes up high, I feel air being pulled from my stomach, creating a void inside of me.

Jonah brakes hard, the seat belt compresses my chest, and the rover crashes back down. My eyes concentrate on his small snout of a mouth then move below his thick neck. Our navy blue expedition jackets are identical, but his flails slightly on the arms. My head turns back toward him, as if of its own accord. His brown hair falls to the side, blocking his eyes. My head gets too hot. I rip out the seat belt, leap out of my seat, and grab the collar of his exploration suit.

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Jonah's dark eyes furiously try to evade my own, something that I make impossible for his body to do. My grip on his collar is tight. As tight as I held the safety bar, in fact. He closes his eyes, his head moves away from mine, and his body goes limp. My anger seeps away without the pushback, and I decide to let go.

Somebody killed him and made it look like an accident. But right now the important thing is to keep my cool until I figure out who knows about it, and most importantly, who did it. What I really want to do is bash his head onto the screen, but I take a deep breath instead. He shoots a look at me, then takes his hands off the digital screen. The interface is operational, but the system blocks my commands. The safe mode must be active to prevent any possible damage.

The screen indicates that the rover is ready to drive again, but Jonah stays silent. Not so much as a thank-you. I buckle my seatbelt and we finally resume the journey. This time Jonah stays within a safe speed, which allows me to lay my head against the soft headrest and focus on the view. Big and small rocks sprout from the dull red earth forever into the hazy horizon.

Mars, the red planet.

More like Mars, the wasteland. So big I would have to crouch down on the edge to see the bottom. I activate the instrument that will canvass the area with a specialized tool, which will look for biological material that may lead us to the source of oxygen in the planet. Not today. The horizon is clear, no orange clouds in the sky, no signs of sandstorms coming our way.

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I waste no time, push the door open, and jump out in a swift motion. Martian earth crunches under my feet, and a cool breeze hits my face. The air is rich with the smell of sulfur. I unzip the top of my exploration suit, as it's getting too tight around my shoulders. A good side effect of all the exercises to minimize the effects of Martian gravity.

I lean against the rover, feeling its metal on my back, but as soon as I close my eyes a door creaks open. I exhale, free to go back to enjoying the fresh air. I focus on the freshness of the wind and try to clear my thoughts. Then his red hair, followed by his face twisted in anger. I just hope I find what I need before anything bad happens. The wind picks up and pebbles rain on the body of the rover, making a tuck-tuck-tuck sound. My rare moment alone is over. I could stay a bit longer, but that will only anger Jonah. Besides, the wind is increasing. On the other side of the giant crater, a dust devil swirls up from the ground, which is not a good sign.

In fact, if the founders of Thankyou had followed the 'path to success' well travelled by many a CEO, Thankyou wouldn't be what it is. This is a fantastic read and I really enjoyed it. Interesting entraprenuer read over all. Wasn't to rant or preachy. Jun 05, Sam Marelich rated it it was amazing. Incredibly inspiring, one of my favourite books this year. Jun 29, Iris Petropoulos rated it really liked it. An extremely innovative and inspiring biographical account that really shows that big dreams can be made a reality.

Daniel Flynn, co-founder and author, shares many insights and tips into becoming successful; through growth and being prepared to learn from your failures. He demonstrates that by preparing to fail and learning from those mistakes can lead an individual to some of the greatest outcomes. His positive and determined mindset flows through from author to reader, encouraging the reader that they can do whatever they put their mind to; that nothing is ever impossible.

This is no ordinary book. Sep 03, Nyshan rated it it was amazing. The book chapter one is from a "Thank You" corporation written by Daniel Flynn.

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It is a book which expands the human brain's knowledge. It is written from a Australian influence. The book is basically his point of view to society and what he believes is right and wrong. The book is also to challenge and inspire you too do different things. Flynn is saying that everyone has the power to change something. It is a book which shows the less developed countries in the world and shows the donations th The book chapter one is from a "Thank You" corporation written by Daniel Flynn.

It is a book which shows the less developed countries in the world and shows the donations that Flynn has given to charities. Daniel Flynn is gathering society to help and change the world because "you have the power to change stuff". Apr 25, Heather rated it liked it.

I enjoyed this book because the author is clearly a storyteller - the success of his social projects depends on that. And maybe, like me, buy some Thankyou soap! Apr 16, Lauren rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved this book!