Bacio il capo, poi lo lascio? (Italian Edition)

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IAGO Heavens! What a furious fight! Sguaina la spada. Assalto furibondo. La folla si ritrae. Roderigo esce correndo. Jago si rivolge rapidamente ai due combattenti. JAGO Ciel! Tenzon furibonda! IAGO Hold! MEN Hold!

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MEN Peace! IAGO No one can stop this brawling now! They are possessed by Satan! MEN To arms! To arms! Meanwhile the tocsin is pealing; the fight continues and the women flee.

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Othello enters followed by torchbearers. The bell falls silent. The combatants stop fighting. How now!

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What is the matter here? Am I among Saracens? JAGO Tregua! Intanto, squillano campane a stormo; il combattimento continua e le donne fuggono. Entra Otello seguito da gente con fiaccole. Cessano le campane. Son io fra i Saraceni?

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Honest Iago, for that love you bear me, speak. IAGO I do not know Here all were courteous friends but now, and cheerful too Would I had severed these feet before they brought me here! I cannot speak Now by heaven my blood begins to boil! Anger puts to flight our guardian angel! Desdemona enters. Othello quickly goes to her. My gentle Desdemona too has had her dreams disturbed on your account?

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Cassio, you have lost your captaincy. Cassio lets his sword fall and Iago picks it up. IAGO handing the sword to one of the soldiers and speaking aside Oh! What a triumph for me! Iago leaves.

Someone help Montano. Montano is helped into the castle. Let every one return to his own house. JAGO Non so Qui tutti eran cortesi amici dianzi, e giocondi Parlar non so Entra Desdemona. Otello le accorre. Jago parte.

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Si soccorra Montano. Al proprio tetto ritorni ognun. All depart. Othello makes a sign to the torchbearers who accompanied him to return to the castle. He and Desdemona remain alone. Now as the darkness deepens all harsh sounds die away, and now my turbulent heart finds peace in this embrace and calm refreshment. Let cannons roar and all the world collapse if after the immeasurable wrath comes this immeasurable love! What anguish, what deep sighs and high hopes have strewn the path to our glad union!

Oh, how sweet to murmur thus together!

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  8. Do you remember? You used to tell me of your life in exile, of violent deeds and suffering long endured, and I would listen, transported by the tales that terrified, but thrilled my heart as well. OTHELLO I would describe the clash of arms, the fight and violent thrust toward the fatal breach, the assault, when hands, like grisly tendrils, clung to bastions amid the hissing darts.

    OTHELLO Softened was your lovely face by tears, your lips by sighs, when I my story told; upon my darkness shone a radiance, heaven and all the stars in benediction! Io da qui non mi parto se pria non vedo deserti gli spaldi. La gente parte. Otello fa cenno agli uomini colle fiaccole che lo accompagnavano di rientrare il castello. Restano soli Otello e Desdemona. Te ne rammenti? OTELLO Ingentilia di lagrime la storia il tuo bel viso e il labbro di sospir; scendean sulle mie tenebre la gloria, il paradiso e gli astri a benedir!

    The storm clouds have now completely disappeared.

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    There are stars in the sky and on the rim of the horizon can be seen the azure disc of the rising moon. Such is the rapture of my soul, I fear that never more to me may be vouchsafed to know such bliss in all the hidden future of my fate. Joy floods my breast so piercingly that I must lay me down and pant for breath A kiss Un bacio Venus is radiant! Venere splende! Glazed arches and a terrace divide the chamber from the gardens beyond.