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The U-Force was played with: This video was changed a few days after its release to explain that the Nerd's problem with the Super Scope was due to his use of a flat-screen TV. This is the first review of a Vectrex game. The Nerd also does a brief review of the Vectrex. The introduction is a parody of the introduction to Star Trek: Matei guest stars as a Klingon and a Metron. This is the first video to be re-released on YouTube. The Nerd does not review Superman 64 , but promises that he will do so in the next episode. The title screen is based on the cover of Action Comics 1.

This is part II of the Superman review. This is the first review of a Nintendo 64 game, as well as a Commodore 64 game. The Nerd also does a brief review on the Commodore 64 system. Some bits of this episode were filmed in the Nerd's original gaming room in New Jersey, but most was filmed in the new gaming room in Pennsylvania.

The episode starts with a fan-made electronic remix of the theme song. This is also the first review of a floppy disk based game. Mike Matei guest stars as the Joker.

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The title card is based on the cover for Batman 1. This is the first episode filmed entirely in the Nerd's new video game room. Citation needed This is also the first review of an Atari Lynx game. Again, Matei guest stars as the Joker. The opening is a parody of the 60's Batman TV series opening and is animated by Matei. Most of this episode revolves around Batman: Return of the Joker. This episode features custom versions of the s Batman theme as well as the film version, both produced by Chris Holland.

The Nerd requested for fans of the series to write this episode for him by emailing him with facts about the game and dialogue. The chosen submitters are credited at the end of the episode. The series' theme music composer, Kyle Justin, complains that he is always behind the couch during reviews. The Nerd allows him to participate in this episode and play the game on two-player mode with him. This review centers on the two-player mode itself because the players can hit each other. Rolfe states that the video game adaptation of Dick Tracy is the most frustrating review he has ever done.

His anger shown in the video is genuine because he has tried to finish the first level for over 20 years since he had the game, which has never been accomplished due to the high difficulty. Certain parts where the Nerd shows clips from the movie are replaced by still photos of the corresponding scenes, and the Nerd also added some updates based on questions he got from his fans.

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Crazy Vampire select screen music to the overture from Phantom of the Opera which, in turn, he compares to "Echoes" by Pink Floyd was edited out. The opening credits show the Nerd's entire video game collection in his room. This is the first review of a CD-i game. This is the first sequel to an AVGN episode. This is the first episode where the Nerd doesn't say "fuck," unless if you count a possible one that is in slow motion, but the sound quality wasn't that clear.

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The introduction features a montage of various video game controllers , with the last one being the Atari Jaguar controller. The Nerd reviews the console with the Nerdy Turd as the second player. The Nerd also introduces an accessory, the Odyssey Gun , without discussing its use in games. Rofle explained that the reason why The Nerd played the newer Godzilla games in the episode was because he thought "that was pretty funny" and explained that he made it like The Nerd doesn't even know about newer games.

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He also said that he "play it out like he was really like, having never held an XBOX controller". He said in the end that he sees The Nerd as an outdated guy who literally lives in the past, considering that in real life, Rolfe was more familiar with older games than newer ones to some degree. The opening for the episode shows all of the title cards by Matei made for previous episodes — He comments that games are good, but also extremely difficult and that he has never beat them.

This is also the first episode to feature Kevin Finn, who plays a ninja.

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The Nerd reveals the epic quest for the real treasures behind the mystery of the Swordquest releases. He explains how the first two games were released and the tournaments for the first two treasures were held, but as Atari began to die out, the tournament for the third game, Waterworld , was was never held, and the last game, Airworld , was never even made.

The Nerd ends it by showing his anger towards the last two tournaments not being held. This is also the first review to use an orchestral remix of the AVGN theme.

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This is the third episode where the Nerd doesn't say "fuck. The Nerd reviews the classic Pong game on various consoles that mostly automatically contain Pong. Also, it is his second review to feature a 7th generation console the Xbox with gameplay from Grand Theft Auto IV , but not reviewed in detail. This is the last episode in the series to use the old timeslot usually two episodes per month due to Rolfe suffering from burn out.

He does not play Cheetahmen , which he hinted he would review in the next episode. He also plays it on the Nintoaster, built by friend and technician Richard Daluz. This is also the new longest episode to focus on a single game, beating Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. In the episode, he makes a comment that most of the games are space shooters. In keeping with the theme, the intro has been deliberately glitched.

It is also one of the few videos in which the Nerd loses in the end. The Nerd references this game as being commonly requested, and while he does a review in the traditional AVGN style, he points out that it is not that bad, but does agree that it is hard.

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He also briefly reviews the first Zelda , referencing how the third labyrinth is shaped like a swastika and the confusing monster titles, including Like-Like , Tektite , Pols Voice , Gibdo , Rope , and Keese. The opening also includes part of the Zelda song at the end of the last video of the CD-i review.

The Power Glove makes an appearance towards the end. While the Nerd notes that he has never beaten the game's final boss, he actually manages to unintentionally defeat the boss with the use of the Power Glove as he moves his hands. He also says that he has one more game to revisit, one he wishes to not have to touch again.

The Nerd gives Dr. Hyde a fuller treatment. The title card is based on a poster for the film version starring Frederic March. The Nerd calls the game an "experiment to create the worst video game character in history" and makes jokes about possible sequels. He also returns briefly to the CD-i, stating that he would rather play The Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe instead, but changes his mind. In a parody of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Grinch " parody song with NES-styled audio elements.

At the end of this th video anniversary special, R. This episode is the second to be shot in widescreen along with other episodes in the future. The intro to this episode features the theme song up until the vocal comes in. An explosion takes place, and all of the title cards Mike Matei drew flash toward the screen until it ends with the R.

Throughout the review, the Nerd avoids reviewing E. At the end, the Nerd picks up the game and shudders in dismay. The video fades to black and a " to be continued " message appears, to be reviewed in Angry Video Game Nerd: Before playing "Jurassic Park" on the Genesis, the Nerd fools the audience into thinking he is about to play a game called "Super Schindler's List 3D". This is also the only episode in which the Nerd cries, albeit silently.

At the end is the finished Barbie episode. This is the longest episode to date, beating Action 52 by over eight minutes. This is also the second episode to feature Rolfe as himself, out of character. The Barbie review alone runs for 3 minutes. The Nerd tells that he has recently bought a box of games off of eBay , with Nintendo World Championships listed as one of them.

After opening the box, he is disappointed to find out that the cart is in fact a reproduction cart, and soon calls over the NES Punk to attempt to take his real copy. After Pat finds that the box also contains a rare gold copy of the game, the two compete in a winner-takes-all duel to see who wins the cartridges. It is shown post-credits that the smashed carts were props, although the others seen were real. James confirmed both carts actually belong to Pat.

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The Nerd plays what he calls the worst Sega Genesis game of all time, but considers the CD-i game to be even worse, based on graphics and control. The Nerd finishes the Bible Games Trilogy. This is also the first episode filmed in widescreen and the only one filmed in HD. On top of graphical and control issues, he criticizes the lack of faithfulness to the film, faulty collision detection, glitches that force the player to use a "suicide code" which the Nerd notes can easily be activated by accident to kill the player character when it becomes impossible to proceed, and making the titular Predator seem completely unthreatening by having so many of them easily killed during the game.