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You can read all the essays in this series here. I have suggested in a previous blog that many teenagers feel under greater academic pressure and this has contributed to more instrumental orientations and actions.

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For instance, many students display a greater concern with grades. Thi s move toward instrumentalism has not only affected the academic areas of school life, however. There has also been a decline in notions of romance. Dating—in the sense of one person expressing a romantic interest in another by asking them out to a specific event—is less common than in the past.

Instead, mixed gender groups hang out together, which may or may not include going to a specific event together. I asked Ashley about the dating culture, and she said that there was not a whole lot of serious relationships at the high school.

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She said this was certainly the case within her own group, and thought it applied to most groups at the school as well. National survey data report that 18 percent of male and 13 percent of female high school students report that they have had sex with four or more people.

Nearly 50 percent of 15—19 year olds report that they have had oral sex with an opposite sex partner. Sexual relationships have become more a matter of explicit exchange rather than implicit exchange; more of a short-term contract and less of a covenant. This is reflected not only in the relationships themselves, but also in the ideology and language used to describe them.

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Whatever the case, here are some youth and school dramas to check out for those who are experiencing some drama withdrawal right now! A Love So Beautiful. Watch Now.

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The leads both happen to be gorgeous, intelligent, and most of all, huge fans of games! Drama fans who also love games will be excited to watch this drama as the romance starts off when the two leads get married in the game they play and eventually meet on their school campus.

comevisitalbuquerque.com/wp-content This drama, unlike the other school dramas, focuses more heavily on what happens after graduating high school. As the drama follows the lives of these youths as adults, melodrama takes the center stage and veers into a soapy plot. With You.

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The drama starts off with a similar character relationship of Geng Geng Seven Tan , a not-so-bright girl who befriends one of the top students of the school, Yu Huai Liu Hao Ran. The drama goes even further to showcase the harsh reality of how even the most successful students in high school can falter and that success in high school does not necessarily translate into success outside.

My Huckleberry Friends.

A Romance of Youth -- Complete

This drama, however, focuses more heavily on romance compared to the latter. The highlight of this drama has to be the complexity of the relationships formed and how every character in this universe has their own importance and weight in depicting the growing pains of youth. School and youth dramas are definitely a genre that those interested in Chinese dramas should check out.